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The Only One-glance Color-alert Commercial Refrigeration Thermometer

When it comes to spotting issues with refrigeration systems, you can't have too many people on your team. With Thermo-Simple, the temperature of every refrigerator or freezer unit is monitored accurately and a multi-colored alert system lets every employee tell, at-a-glance, when there's a problem.

Everyone is now empowered to work towards food safety and elimination of food loss from equipment or operational problems. Stop food loss now with Thermo-Simple color-alert thermometers.

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Get Continuous Protection with Worry-Free Environmental Monitoring

Protect yourself from the consequences of catastrophic equipment or weather issues with SensorSimple - the environmental monitoring system with cloud-based continuous monitoring and alerting. The new SensorSimple solution has been designed to offer the latest in temperature and environmental monitoring technology - a set of battery powered, easy-to-install wireless sensors, backed by SensorSimple Cloud AI. You get alerted only to the issues that really matter - by phone or text anywhere in the world.

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About Refrigeration Innovation

Refrigeration Innovation (RI) offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business or home is continuously and reliably protected from the impact of environmental incidents and equipment failures. With our range of both local and networked monitoring solutions, we provide a unique one stop approach for accurate, cost-effective and made in americareliable environmental measurement and alerting that addresses critical business vulnerabilities.

Whether you're worried about the impact of failure in supermarket refrigerators, food service freezers or water damage at home, the solutions from RI set a new standard in simple-to-deploy measurement, display and alerting technologies.

All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

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