Thermo-Simple - Peace of mind has never been this easy

Refrigeration failures are like wildfires. Like a small spark, if not found and extinguished becomes a raging wildfire, small refrigeration problems such as an iced evaporator coil left unnoticed becomes a major component failure resulting in product loss, expensive repair and negative customer image at minimum.
Thermo-Simple brings to light the small problems so they can be addressed quickly and easily before they can become major failures. Using patented technology it translates temperature conditions into easy to see color indicators such as green for good, purple for defrost and flashing amber for service. Thermo-Simple is what all other refrigeration thermometers should be. If your thermometer can’t tell you when there is a problem, it is USELESS.

Thermo-Simple is available through all commercial OEMs and is designed specifically to make retrofitting very simple. Units can be installed by any refrigeration or electrical contractor and they are NSF approved.