Customer Support and “How To” FAQs

We are offering a set of helpful hints, tips and explanatory videos below to answer common questions about our products and services. The list of resources will be expanding over time as we add new solutions and expand our knowledge base. Please scan the list of FAQs below or search for a keyword to see if we've already anticipated your question.

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How do I unlock a ThermoSimple device?

Unlocking a ThermoSimple 1 to change settings is simple and secure. As illustrated in the video, the important tool is a RI Magik Wand programming tool or other strong magnet which is used to run through the unlock and confirmation sequence. You also have to know the unlock pass code for the device. Spare RI Magik Wand tools are available from our online store below.

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What are my options on ThermoSimple power supplies?

ThermoSimple products have a variety of power supply choices - configurable to offer the most convenient ways to route current to the devices when they are in prominent locations.

All options are available from our online store below.

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Is there a power supply component supporting multiple ThermoSimple devices?

ThermoSimple devices in a single location can be powered from a single 120v adaptor using a multi-tap supply harness.

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How do request a log in ID for the ThermoSimple Cloud?

We'd like to make an offer for you to explore our new SensorSimple Cloud monitoring service. In our demo labs, we've hooked up some SensorSimple wireless devices in various locations so you can get a feel of the device capability and how the functions of cloud monitoring and alerting operate. Please just complete the online form and we'll send you some personalized credentials.

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